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EETS has been operating since 1980 in the UK and has performed testing and troubleshooting and supplied a range of solar test equipment to research and development centres globally. EETS testing equipment is being used by International companies and National Test Centres such as NREL, CEA, Universities, Local Government Bodies and solar manufacturers worldwide. We have a history of notable products and landmark projects.

EETS supplies the PV manufacturing industry with PV cell cutters, module testers and laminators. Our testers are built to conform to IEC904-9. EETS diamond blade cutting system is robust and low cost.

EETS is a leader in renewable power plant testing, monitoring and troubleshooting, and runs a remote central data acquisition system at its offices in Cardiff, which monitors sites via internet and GSM modem links.

EETS factory near Cardiff, Wales designs and manufactures customer-specified equipment to suit local needs, and provides installation, commissioning and training for operators.