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Solar Cell Fraction Cutting Machine

In research and teaching regarding PV manufacture, universities and colleges often need to use a Solar Cell Fraction Cutting machine to make small PV module.

However it is often necessary to cut full solar cells into smaller pieces (fractions) in order to produce a small panel with a useable voltage.
EETS has made a range of solar cell cutters for many years, generally to cut 156mm square mono-crystalline or polycrystalline cells.
The basic model is manually operated and is ideal for research work, and an automatic version is available for frequent use for larger production volume.

The centre for sustainable technologies at Ulster University had a requirement to cut small cells for their research work, and came to EETS to provide a machine.
EETS built a semi-automatic cell cutting machine to enable them to cut cells down to 20mm. The diamond disk cutter is pneumatically powered for a high speed cut with a clean, polished edge.

Many students have used the machine in the course of their studies, and their supervisor, Dr. J Mondol said ‘The EETS cell cutter has been heavily used and is a vital part of our facility’.