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Cell Cutter 210 AutoCut

The EETS Cell Cutter 210 Autocut is a custom solar PV cell cutter. The operator loads and unloads the cells and the machine performs an automatic controilled cut using a diamond paste wheel running at high speed.

The machine only requires a compressed air supply to function.

Adjustable guides are set to produce any width of cut cell down to 10mm.

This machine is ideal for manufacturers of low power modules and research.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum Solar Cell Dimension:
210 x 210mm (8 x 8 inch).

Cutting Block:
Adjustable cutting guides for each size of cell, 100, 125, 150, 156, 210 mm square.

Air motor   25000 rpm at 140psi (15 cfm)
Diamond blade  100mm diameter, 0.4mm thickness (>15000 cuts before replacement)

Cut Cell Sizes:
Down to 10mm strips.

Mode of Operation:
Switching Automatic Feed  - operator initiated.
Cell holding Suction vacuum pressure operated by two switches to incorporate different cell sizes.

Equipment Dimensions:
75cm (Width) x 96cm (Length) x 40cm (Height).

Equipment Weight:
20kg (approx).

Utilities Requirements:
Compressed air. 

Accessories & Options:
Fume & Dust Extractor Fan is not included, but equipment comes with a 5cm outer diameter pipe that can fit to any standard commercial dust extractor.

Can be supplied as a manual cut version without the pneumatic feed.

An automatic 'pick and place' cell loading and unloading option is available.