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Light Soaking System

EETS light Soaking System utilise a horizontal light array shining vertically down, to simulate sunlight. The array is mounted approx 1000mm above the test surface and is surrounded by a perimeter mirror to ensure uniformity. The mirrors are hung to allow access for lamp maintenance and to mount the modules under test. The modules under test are mounted onto the baseframe. To achieve the most accurate measurement method, the PT100 temperature sensors are fixed to the back of the modules.

The light arrays produce excellent uniformity over the testplane. The light level is settable to 1000 W/m2.

The output irradiance is measured using a 'split' crystalline reference cell placed in the test plane in order to set the irradiance level.

This equipment conforms to IEC 904-9 and can be specified up to clas AAA.

 The module mounting system uses air circulation by variable speed fans to cool the device under test.

The temperature feedback control is referenced to the actual module temperature.

Technical features:

  • Power Supply 415V 3 phase (others are possible).
  • Weight 80kg/m2.
  • Height from floor 2.5m.
  • Sample table height 0.8m.
  • Temperature controlled module mounting.
  • Data logging of radiation and temperatures.

EETS provide an installation and commissioning service worldwide.