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PV Module Laminator 0.25

EETS manufacture of PV modules is traditionally performed in a large laminator in a factory environment.

There are many markets in developing countries where small modules (3 - 20W) are required.

The EETS PV Laminator 0.25 is designed for the developing country working environment, at much lower capital cost than traditional systems. It is also suitable for research and development and for educational institutes.

Electrical  Single phase mains rated at a max. 25A, 220-240V, 50/60- Hz.
Process controls  temperature levels and timings, cooling and vacuum automatically controlled. UP to 10 different cycles can be programmed and stored.

System Specifications:

Max. 200 deg.C, min. ambient, constant or cyclic.

Absolute 1mmbar in 30 seconds.

Up to 10 different program settings.

Laminate Size:
Maximum size of 500 x 500 mm (customer specification possible).

Laminate Thickness:
Maximum thickness of 12mm.