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PV Module Laminator 1.0

The EETS PV Laminator 1.0 series of solar panel vacuum laminators are designed for a high production factory throughput, low maintenance and minimal operator training. A single button activates the rapid laminate/cure process cycle.

The top vacuum chamber is evacuated through ports from the top platen, which are merged together at a manifold with a connection of a one-inch pipe to the top vacuum pump system.

The bottom chamber is evacuated through ports on the sides, mounted on the spacer, which also terminate on a manifold with a one-inch pipe to the bottom chamber vacuum pump system.

Vacuum gauges are connected to both the top and bottom chambers.

Electrical  3-phase mains rated at a max. 32A per phase, 220-240V, 50/60- Hz. Process controls temperature levels and timings, cooling and vacuum automatically controlled. A max of 10 cycles.

System Specification:

Temperature:   Max. 200 deg.C,  constant plate temperature lamination.

Vacuum:  Absolute 2mmbar in 0 seconds.
Programs:  Up to 10 different program settings.
Laminate Size: Maximum size of 1380mm x 730mm.
Laminate Thickness: Maximum thickness of 12mm.
Temperature Uniformity: -<+5C.