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Array Tester 570

EETS Array Tester is used in remote locations to measure the electrical performance characteristic of a PV Array.


50  Amps.
Accuracy 1.5% at 25 deg. C.

600 Volts.
Accuracy 1.5% at 25 deg. C.

Note: other ranges available to order.

Calibrated crystalline Reference cell.

Array Temperature:-
K type thermocouple probe.

Data Acquisition System:

  • 16 bit resolution.
  • Software triggered operation.
  •  Laptop connected via USB.
  •  Dedicated software supplied.

The software prompts the operator to input user information regarding the site, type of array, name and any reference number and date. The system acquires the I-V curve data and then the data is displayed and stored on the laptop PC for future processing. The Array tester measures the following I/V characteristics of PV arrays:

  • Short circuit current (Isc).
  • Open circuit voltage (Voc).
  • Current at max. power (Impp).
  • Voltage at max. power (Vmpp).
  • Power at max. Power (Pmpp).
  • Fill factor (FF).
  • Array temperature.
  • Irradiance on plane of array.
  • Display normalised I-V curve.
  • Display normalised P-V curve.