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PV Testing Equipment

EETS makes a broad range of custom test equipment for cells, modules and arrays. Our equipment is used in Government research centres, Multinational company R&D labs and Universities worldwide.

Array Tester 570

EETS Array Tester is used in remote locations to measure the electrical performance characteristic of a PV Array.

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PV Cell Tester 200-Xe Standalone

EETS PV Cell Tester 200-Xe Standalone is a high quality, robust and reliable system. The output data format can be both graphical and spreadsheet format.

System outline:
The system is free standing on castor wheels. The system contains the light source, AM1.5 filters, integrating test jigs and an industrial PC integrated into the system with a printer.

The EETS PV Cell Tester light source constitutes a purpose-built lamp housing for a Xenon lamp. The other components of the light source are the power supply, internal cooling system and manual shutter for the standby mode.

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PV Module Tester

EETS range of PV module testers are designed to achieve  a high accuracy measurement and archived record of output.

They may be constructed as module face down, face up or vertical, (types D,U,V)

The EETS PV module tester measures the current -voltage (I-V) characteristics of PV modules up to 2.0m x 1.5m. The steady-state light is adjusted to the required intensity and is measured by a calibrated reference cell located in the test plane.

A data acquisition system acquires the module performance data and controls the electronic load which varies the resistance across  the module output terminals. The computer plots the I-V curve and displays a variety of module characteristics. Curves and data can be printed and archived.

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PV Cell Tester 200 (HA)

EETS PV Cell Tester (HA) will measure the performance characteristic of a PV solar cell. The unit comprises a light source, a cell mounting and an electronic load.

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PV Cell Tester 200L

EETS PV Cell Tester 200-L is a steady state system.

Designed to achieve a high accuracy measurement and archived record of output.

Utilising a group of LED light sources to meet IEC 904-9 class A(AM1.5) spectral distribution.

The cooling system comprises a recirculating chiller that controls the temperature of the plate to within 0.2ºC. By circulating through a heat exchanger unit underneath of the cell-mounting block.

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