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PV Module Tester

EETS range of PV module testers are designed to achieve  a high accuracy measurement and archived record of output.

They may be constructed as module face down, face up or vertical, (types D,U,V)

The EETS PV module tester measures the current -voltage (I-V) characteristics of PV modules up to 2.0m x 1.5m. The steady-state light is adjusted to the required intensity and is measured by a calibrated reference cell located in the test plane.

A data acquisition system acquires the module performance data and controls the electronic load which varies the resistance across  the module output terminals. The computer plots the I-V curve and displays a variety of module characteristics. Curves and data can be printed and archived.


Measures and displays the following module parameters:

  • Complete I-V curve.
  • Open-circuit voltage, Voc.
  • Short-circuit current, Isc.
  • Maximum power point, Pmp.
  • Module efficiency.
  • Fill factor.
  • Module temperature, oC.
  • Data and I-V curve corrected to standard conditions.
  • Conforms to IEC 904-9 Class C or Class B.
  • Optional alternate thin film reference cell.



Maximum Module Dimensions:  

PVMT5000     1.0m x 0.5 m.
PVMT11250   1.5m x 0.75 m.
PVMT22500   1.5m x 1.5 m.


Halogen Dichroic lamps.
Intensity range:     700 to 1100 w/m2.
Lamp lifetime, typical:   1000 hrs.

Illumination Uniformity:  

2% over area.

Measurement Range:

Voltage:    0 - 120 Vdc.
Current:    0 - 20 Adc.


Voltage:    1% full scale.
Current:    1% full scale.

Equipment Dimensions (excluding computer system):-

1.5m Width x 0.8m Depth x 1.8m Height.
2.0m Width x 1.0m Depth x 1.8m Height.
2.0m Width x 2.0m Depth x 1.8m Height.

Utility Requirements:

Electricity 380-415 Vac, 30A, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase.