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PV Cell Tester 200-Xe Standalone

EETS PV Cell Tester 200-Xe Standalone is a high quality, robust and reliable system. The output data format can be both graphical and spreadsheet format.

System outline:
The system is free standing on castor wheels. The system contains the light source, AM1.5 filters, integrating test jigs and an industrial PC integrated into the system with a printer.

The EETS PV Cell Tester light source constitutes a purpose-built lamp housing for a Xenon lamp. The other components of the light source are the power supply, internal cooling system and manual shutter for the standby mode.


Measures and displays the following cell parameters:

  • Complete I-V curve.
  • Open-circuit voltage, Voc.
  • Short-circuit current, Isc.
  • Maximum power point, Pmp.
  • Cell efficiency.
  • Fill factor.
  • Cell temperature, C.
  • Maximum cell size 8 inch. sq.