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PV Cell Tester 200 (HA)

EETS PV Cell Tester (HA) will measure the performance characteristic of a PV solar cell. The unit comprises a light source, a cell mounting and an electronic load.


Maximum Cell Dimensions:  

200mm x 200mm.


Halogen Dichroic lamps.
Intensity range    700 to 1200 w/m2.
Lamp lifetime, typical   1000 hrs.

llumination Uniformity:   

2% over area.

Measurement Range: Current – 8A, Voltage 5V.

Equipment dimensions (excluding computer system):
  Width    0.5 m. 
  Depth    0.4 m. 
  Height   0.6 m.

Requirements: Electricity   380-415 Vac, 30A, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase.

Note: Products are under continuous development and specifications are subject to change.