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PV Troubleshooting

Solar farms do not always give their full output - an EETS independent evaluation will give peace of mind and can increase your revenue. When taking over such an asset and not knowing its build and maintenance history, call in the experts.

Field Array Testing - Discontinued


EETS engineers travel worldwide to measure the performance of solar photovoltaic arrays and systems. Our custom measurement equipment can test voltages over 1000V and currents of hundreds of amps to produce full I-V curves of PV arrays.

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Inverter Site Testing

EETS engineers have inspected, re-connected, re-programmed, replaced and re-commissioned many makes and model of inverter, both grid connected and stand alone.

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Mobile module test

EETS has experience of mounting their module testers in a vehicle which can drastically shorten the time required to evaluate module degradation. Our Mobile Module Tester can be used to test modules that are removed and immediately re-fitted or replaced as required.

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PV System Monitoring

EETS has decades of experience in PV System Monitoring on all types of PV installations all over the world.

No system is too big or too small, from an individual panel for scientific measurement in the arctic, to a complex building integrated PV system of thousands of modules, and tens of inverters.

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